About School

June 2, 2010

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything about teaching, which is my job and the reason I am here in Korea in the first place. My second semester at Mandeok High School has been much better than the first. I started in the middle of the school year, so all of the students advanced a grade after our winter break. My first graders are now second graders; they’re six months older than when I first met them, but they’ve advanced years in maturity. And thanks to a good new group of first-grade students and my own little bit of experience as a teacher, the new semester has been easier and more fun than the last. All of my second grade classes are fantastic, but I see them only once every two weeks–some of them I will see only twice more due to final tests and an inflexible schedule. I’ll really miss some of these students, with whom I’ve been able to establish a great student-teacher relationship.

Next year I will stay in Korea while applying for graduate school, and I will move to a new school. I will stay in Busan, my favorite city in Korea, at a girls’ high school wherein classes are capped at 25 students (now I have some classes with more than 40). Though I will miss some of the students at my current school, I am very excited for the change. The new school will be in a much more accessible part of the city, and I will also move into my own apartment for the new year, which is also in a great location.

Last week, my friend and fellow Cincinnatian, Seth Reddy, came to visit my school on a free day, and he came to two of my classes: 1st grade boys and 2nd grade girls. The girls were excited to have a new face in the classroom; they were especially happy that this new face was handsome, American, and attached to a very tall body. It was a lot of fun for the students, for me, and also for Seth, who teaches at a boys’ high school and had never experienced teaching female students. Here are some pictures from that day, the most fun day I’ve had at my school:


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