A Few Days in Japan

May 26, 2010

Japan: A nation of over 128 million people, possessing the world’s second-largest economy, and homeland of a wonderful aunt of mine (Hi Aunt Kaz!). With only a few days I had too limited a time to explore the country, its people, and its culture in any great depth, but the trip was definitely worthwhile. I explored the frenetic streets of the world’s largest metropolis. I walked amongst the sulphurous clouds of steam exhaled by the earth in an eerily beautiful volcanic wasteland. I bathed in an outdoor onsen. I ate (a lot of) sashimi.

While both Korea and Japan are highly modernized countries, it is clear that Japan has been modernizing since the Meiji period in the late 1800’s, while Korea’s economic rise began much later. Japan, it seems, is very comfortable with itself and its place in the world, while Korea has been changing drastically every decade or so, this economic development creating significant culture gaps between its older and younger generations. I found Japan to be cleaner than Korea–though Koreans don’t like to hear that–while Korea is still cleaner than America. Japan is also A LOT quieter than Korea. Koreans just seem to be a more naturally rowdy people, which isn’t a bad thing. Oh, and in a serendipitous moment of unimaginable happenstance, I ran into a friend from Busan who moved to Japan just a few minutes ago, by freak coincidence, on the Tokyo subway. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the trip:

Sidewalk in Ginza

Just like Busan


Harajuku dude

Harajuku dude 2

Harajuku krew

Harajuku girl


I am a model #1

I am a model #2

I am a model #3

I am a model #4


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