So I’ve been lazy… and I lied about this one being about Thailand and Cambodia.

March 25, 2010

I’ve been admittedly remiss in catching up with this here blog, and at the end of my last post I said I’d take up Thailand and Cambodia in the next (this) post. But instead I am going to present to you now my video collection from Nepal. It’s taken me a long time to put these up because there were just so many videos to sift through. Some of the footage is good, and a lot of it was boring. So here is Nepal in the new and exciting medium of digital video!

First, the view flying into Kathmandu. The quality isn’t very good, but whatever:

Here, you can see a vast expanse of clouds blocked by a mountain range:

And here, the Himalayas. Everest may or may not be in there somewhere. I saw it on the flight leaving Nepal, during which I had a much better view. It was stunning. I don’t have a video of that though. Anyway:

And now, my first night in Kathmandu. After walking around Thamel for a spell, I turned into “Paddy Foley’s Irish Pub,” where I ate a “Chicken Sizzler,” drank Danish beer (Carlsberg), and listened to a Nepalese band play American and British alt-rock covers from the 1990’s. Because Ireland.

Oh, and the singer is basically doing his best Eddie Vedder impression on every song.

I especially like this next one, because as the band wraps up their rendition of “Creep,” you can actually hear a different band in a different bar playing Collective Soul’s “December” [see above].


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