Schedule Change

August 3, 2009

A few hours ago, all of my fellow ETAs and I filed into a room for what we thought was going to be a Korean Culture Workshop. That’s what the schedule said. And that’s how the talk started out. Then the Orientation Coordinator started talking about adjusting to sudden changes. “It’s always important to be prepared,” she told us. “But in Korea, you have to be ready for sudden schedule changes.” And then she pulled an Enola Gay and informed us that our placement day would not be this Wednesday, but in fact tomorrow. At that moment, seventy ETAs erupted simultaneously with cries of shock and disbelief. Sure, it’s only one day sooner, but that one day has made the impending event exponentially more real for all of us. Like most, I am nervous and excited, and would certainly rather know sooner than later where I’ll be spending my next year. Will it be in Busan (fingers crossed)? Will I be minutes from Seoul on the KTX? Or will I be on Jeju island, having to rappel into a dank crevasse on the far side of a mountain every night to get back to my homestay? Expect an update in about twenty-four hours.


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