Club Harlem

July 25, 2009

There is a place in Chuncheon that everybody knows… there is a place in Chuncheon that everybody goes… that place is not Club Harlem. One night last week we found ourselves here:


As I walked up the two flights of stairs towards the metronomically thumping bass, I was intimidated. Would I be accepted here? Would this “American Hip-Hop Club” be too much for me? Would I be able to handle Club Harlem? As I walked through the doorway and turned the corner into the club, the answer to all of these questions, I realized, was a resounding yes. Why? Because we were literally the only people in the club, aside from the DJ and a bartender. It made for rather silly night, but if you ever have the opportunity to take over a dance floor lit only by strobe flashes and spinning disco lights as a Korean DJ spins Jay-Z, seize that opportunity.

Note: This is a standard American flag; it just looks weird because my hand was shaking when I took the picture.



C.H. edited d.j.



Notice in the above picture, that 750 ml of Jack Daniels will run you 100,000 ₩. That is about $80.22.


The dance floor is empty, but not for long…



A friend recently said, “Your pictures of Club Harlem make it look like a lot more fun than it actually is.” I disagree. Club Harlem is exactly as fun as it looks in the pictures. I guess it just depends on your definition of fun.


One Response to “Club Harlem”

  1. the rabbit said

    I am envisioning you as John Travolta on the dance floor….yep, I can see it! White suite, outrageous shirt, hand on hip, other hand raised with finger pointing skyward.
    Love the last photo. I had loads of fun just reading about Club Harlem!
    The Rabbit

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